Typical Application of JINPAT Fiber Optic Slip Ring


With the increasing maturity of optical fiber communication technology, the development of optical fiber conductive slip rings has also made great progress. At present, JINPAT optical fiber slip ring series is relatively mature in technology and product process. In most applications, such as military weapons, energy and industry, it has also begun to replace electric slip rings.


JINPAT fiber slip rings were originally designed to solve the signal transmission problem of the active connection part in military equipment, such as data communication between the radar antenna and the base, the communication between the aiming system and the main control system in the unmanned vehicle Wait. With light weight and small structure, JINPAT fiber optic slip rings have also begun to be applied in the field of energy and industrial automation. Adding a fiber-optic conductive slip ring to the connecting shaft of the oil logging tool can transmit the signal of the logging sensor to the surface acquisition control system through the fiber.


At present, the typical applications of JINPAT fiber optic slip ring are as follows:

Material conveying system


Rotating turret on military vehicles

Remote control system

Radar antenna

Fiber optic sensor turntables

Medical, video surveillance system

Sub-sea operating system

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