The Application of Modern Technology in JINPAT Through Hole Slip Ring


Slip ring can help machine better operation. In order to facilitate customers to understand the slip rings, JINPAT Electronics with years' development of slip ring experience, summed up the key parameters of slip ring. 

The key parameters of the slip ring are as follows: Operating voltage of the slip ring: Each slip ring has its rated operating voltage, and the rated voltage is mainly limited by the size of the insulation material and space. Beyond its rated voltage may lead to poor insulation, internal breakdown, serious may lead to burn and so on. 

The rated current of the slip ring: the area and conductivity of the contact material determines the maximum carrier current of the slip ring. If the rated operating current exceeds the rated operating temperature, the contact point position temperature rises abruptly, causing the contact position to expose the air at the contact point, and the contact point is vaporized, causing the contact to be intermittent.

The number of channels of slip ring: connected everywhere and the current can pass through the circuit, called the channel. If the slip ring does not have a suitable number of passes, it will be short-circuited or broken during operation, which will affect the operation of the equipment.

Dynamic contact resistance of the slip ring: The dynamic contact resistance is the fluctuation range of the resistance between the rotor and the stator in a path of the slip ring in the working condition. The impact factor with the same contact resistance, while the speed also has a greater impact on it.

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