Slip Ring Technology in Medical CT Machine


In medical CT systems, when the object being inspected, the information detected on the rotating body needs to be transmitted to the fixed body at high speed and high reliability in real time. 

The pancake slip ring, multi-channel gold-plated ring and brush structure developed by JINPAT represent the traditional cable structure. Therefore, CT can realize spiral scanning. Previously, the power supply of the detector and the tube of the CT were provided by the cable connection, so it was necessary to reset after scanning once to ensure that the cable would not be tangled, and the scanning time could not be improved. When CT is equipped with slip ring technology, continuous rotation scan can be realized, greatly reducing the scan time.

JINPAT has newly developed a slip ring for medical CT machine.  The slip ring can reliably transmit high-power current, communication signals and high-speed image digital signals, achieving the technical complexity and difficulty requirements.  Based on long-term technical development and experience accumulation, JINPAT took the lead in breaking through technical difficulties and developed a series of high-reliability medical slip rings.

Slip Ring

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