Slip Ring Power Supply Helps Enterprises Develop


Founded in 1996, and as an experienced leader among slip ring companies worldwide, JINPAT Electronics is committed to manufacturing various industrial slip rings that apply to many fields, including industrial machinery, surveillance and radar systems, automation, artificial intelligence, aircraft, medical devices, marine equipment, and national defense, etc. 

Today, with crystal levon company cooperation merchants in terms of reputation and public praise is relatively high, especially in some emerging industries, is one of the most commercial value, the first is the best slip ring power supply quality and the best quality after-sales service, obviously can easily meet the most people's imagination, second, can be easily brought help for your life and the production plan.

With the increasing of people's living standard, slip-ring power supply has become an important part of our life, which not only brings convenience to life but also affects technological innovation. The rapid development of the company has given many people a lot of opportunities, the operation of some equipment has broken through the limit, but the use of our advanced technology, you can easily help you complete more work, greatly reduce the time and cost of the operation, and strive to develop in a good direction.

In addition, JINPAT provides both finished products and customizations. JINPAT exports its slip rings extensively to Europe, the Americas, and Japan, and has collaborated with multiple internationally well-reputed companies. 

The quality of all the slip rings is guaranteed by its Quality Management System, and certificated by the GB/T19001-2008/ IS09001:2008.

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