Slip Ring Apply for Special Environments


JINPAT can provide special customized products to meet the special requirements of customers, such as high-speed slip rings with high speeds up to 20,000 RPM, which can withstand temperature respectively. High-temperature slip rings up to 120C, 150C, 200C, 250C, 350, and 500c, with seal ratings from ordinary IP54 to IP68 under 4MPa pressure for underwater work.

High temperature can reach 500C

Low temperature can reach -50C

High speed up to 20000 rpm

Sealed up to IP68 @ 4Mpa.

Digital signal transmission rate up to 10G bits / s

The inner diameter of the center hole can reach 2000mm

Up to 500 roads

Can work under 400m underwater

Vacuum environment

Fiber optic slip ring and hydraulic slip ring can be combined

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