Prospects of Basic Market Sections of Slip Rings


Thanks to its large market, commercial electronics adopt slip rings more often than other end applications. Take JINPAT Electronics for instance, standard slip rings with the largest annual production are for the commercial electronics market. And since commercial electronics is a rather broad conception, it can be further divided into different sections. Also, various sections feature different type of slip ring models and have different market prospects. Now let’s take a close look at different commercial electronics market sections and how they affect the slip ring industry.

According to previous experience, commercial electronics can basically be divided into 3 categories: the first one is consumer goods or small household appliances whose typical representative is the robot vacuums; the second group is middle/high-end toy market which features toys with specific functions; the third is functional electronic product market, one of the typical products is handheld stabilizer for photographing. JINPAT Electronics has typical slip ring models respectively for these three market sections. 

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JINPAT LPC Capsule Slip Ring Series

To begin with, let’s take a look at the robot vacuums in the household appliance section. The most frequently used slip rings are the capsule slip rings or miniature slip rings which feature small diameter, from 1 to 2 cm, with relatively simple structure. This kind of slip rings are usually with less channels, 4 to 6 channels are sufficient for the component. Likewise, the window robot cleaners that developed from robot vacuums take up very similar structure and therefore adopt similar slip ring types. With years of developments, these household appliances have reached a technology ceiling, and seem less promising that other market sections.

Toys target at children. In this industry, low-end products take up the largest market shares. These are consumer goods that are vulnerable and replaceable. Different from these disposable toys, the middle/high-end toys are generally educational or with other specific functions. And only a small part of these middle/high-end toys are equipped with slip rings. JINPAT has developed different kinds of pancake slip rings for these toys. Taking the market’s demand into account, this middle/high-end toys market is quite competitive, especially in middle/small size robots with educational function. And of course it will offer enough space for the application of slip rings.

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JINPAT LPK Pancake Slip Ring Series

In terms of functional consumer electronics, handheld stabilizers are becoming more and more popular. The development and popularization of 4G technology and phone camera make phones an emerging power in video production. Since phones and everyday cameras are handier than professional cameras, the former are preferred. To answer the new demands, handheld stabilizers for phones and cameras are put into mass production. Meanwhile the demand of its components—the slip rings also soars. For the handheld stabilizers, the mostly ordered product of JINPAT is the super miniature capsule slip ring, the LPMS series. The diameter of the LPMS slip ring is restricted with 10mm with compact size that can fit into electronic products with limited installation space like handheld stabilizers. Having first-mover advantages, JINPAT slip rings has taken up a large marker share in the handheld stabilizers. The marker potential of this field are the most promising of the three sections. JINPAT believes consumer electronics like handheld stabilizer will offer a grander stage for slip rings.

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JINPAT LPMS Super Miniature Capsule Slip Ring Series

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