JINPAT Slip Ring in Ship Thruster


Ship thruster is an important part of modern offshore engineering. During rotation, the function of the  slip ring is really important.

Most  slip rings are connected to external devices in the form of cables. When the current is too large, it will be too difficult to connect cables, which result in inconvenience to connect with external devices. Such slip rings cannot supply power to high-power ship thruster. Claim. JINPAT Electronics has been in the slip ring industry for more than 20 years. At present, we already have mature technology to solve this problem.

JINPAT newly designed electric slip ring for ship thruster has the following advantages:

2 * 50A + 4 * fiber signal.

The protection level reaches IP65, which meets the impact of harsh environments such as salt fog, humidity, icing and large temperature differences in the marine environment.

Power and signal transmission are stable to meet customer performance.

Adopt special conductive material, good conductivity, high current can be passed.

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