JINPAT Pancake Slip Ring Used in Military Ground Vehicle


Ground Vehicle mainly used for remote-controlled wheeled and tracked vehicles. It  can be classified  into autonomous vehicles and semi-autonomous vehicles.


For this application, the military ground vehicle (robot used to shut off explosives and bombs), it is a small machine system with 360-degree rotation and needs to transmit a variety of sensor signals, JINPAT has developed and make customized a compact pancake slip ring , model SPKS055-0208-02S-E2.

JINPAT slip ring can transmit current, 100M Ethernet and CANBUS signals , meanwhile transmit power, with such compact design. The installation of slip ring can be adjusted according to the requirements of the customer.

Application: robot for deactivating of explosives and bombs

Solution: SPKS055-0208-02S-E2

Pancake slip ring

Inner diameter: 50 mm

Outer diameter: as small as possible

Speed: 6 rpm

2 rings of 8 amps / 24 VDC

1 CAN BUS cable (2 rings)

1 ETHERNET cable (4 rings): maximum transmission speed of 50 Mbs 

Contact Materia: Precious metals

Housing Material: Aluminum alloy sandblasting oxide black

Wire Length: Stator: 300mm ; Rotor:300mm

Via : 25.4mm

Temperature: -20°C to +60°C

Humidity:  ≤60%RH

Pancake Slip Ring

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