JINPAT Low Torque Gas-Liquid Rotary Joint


JINPAT Electronics recently launched a series of low torque gas-liquid rotary joints, which can be used in turntable, food processing industry, alchemy industry, automation and other fields.


JINPAT gas/liquid rotary joint could support 1-8 channels, gas/liquid medium can be customized, and the pressure can be customized up to 200Bar. For specific needs, JINPAT can combine such rotary joint with electric slip ring to meet various industrial needs at home and abroad.


Main technical features of JINPAT slip ring are as following:


  • General medium: compressed air, nitrogen, vacuum etc.

  • It can support 1~8 channels of gas and liquid customization; the pressure is up to 1Mpa, 200Bar pressure could be customized.

  • The whole series can integrate power, switching signals, Ethernet, USB, industrial bus, sensors and other signals.

  • Conventional joint: M5. Or G1/8, G3/8, G1/4, G1/2 joint etc as per you require. Optional pipe diameter φ4mm ~ φ15mm.

  • Sealing surface and sealing ring are made of special materials, anti-wear, easy to replace, long life, corrosion resistance, no leakage.

  • Customized rotary joints available according to customer requirements.


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Rotary Joint

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