JINPAT High Speed and Long Life Slip Ring


The high-speed slip ring provides an effective solution for transmitting low current or signal precision equipment between a high speed rotating platform and a stationary platform. In applications such as high-speed rail, aero-engines, large aircraft, the rotational speed and life of the slip ring are very high. However, the realization of the long-life high-speed slip ring is very difficult, which is a huge challenge for each slip ring manufacturer.


 The high-speed slip ring is based on the requirements of mechanical equipment this year, requiring speeds of several thousand revolutions per minute. The structure of the slip ring determines the contact and impedance during high-speed operation, so the custom selection of high-speed slip rings is very high. As a core functional component, due to the combination of the high precision of the slip ring and the electromagnetic function of the high speed motor, complex intermediate transmission links can be eliminated. It has wide speed regulation range, small vibration noise, easy control, and can realize functions such as quasi-stop, quasi-speed and level. The final product is extremely productive and significantly improves the surface quality and machining accuracy of the part.


For high-speed slip rings, we have achieved low pressure, low friction, low loss brush contact design, product maintenance-free, long life and high speed operation. The higher end is that our long-life high-speed series slip ring has fine-tuning concentricity function to ensure high-speed operation reliability and current and signal transmission stability. The internal wiring and special shielding are modularized to completely eliminate the encoder. Signal interference and error, the product has been widely used in military equipment and automation control systems.

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