JINPAT High Frequency Rotary Joint in Military Equipment


As a high-tech enterprise, JINPAT has been providing support to military departments and scientific research institutions, designing and developing precision slip rings. This high-end slip ring is usually used in complex conditions requiring high reliability, high quality, high consistency and maintenance-free.

Through years of practical application, JINPAT has been recognized by various military departments and scientific research institutions.


The advantages are as follows:


  • The frequency is up to 50GHz.

  • Up to 4 channels, can be coaxial, waveguide, coaxial/waveguide hybrid.

  • 1-200 power or signal channels can be mixed and transmitted.

  • Ultra-low insertion loss and voltage standing wave ratio.

  • High frequency slip ring with through hole can be customized.


Electric and high frequency integrated rotary joint slip rings are used on the rotating turret of military armored vehicles. The LPHF-02A and LPHF-01C designed by JINPAT have a very long life. The high frequency can reach more than 10 million revolutions, maintenance-free, no lubrication, and suitable for vibration environment. It has achieved leapfrog development in technology and continuously improved reliability, which has been widely praised.


High-frequency slip rings (high-frequency rotating connectors) can also solve the performance and parameters required by radar equipment. The frequency of high-frequency slip rings such as LPHF-02A and LPHF-03A designed by JINPAT is: 4.5GHz; peak power: 1500W; average power: 4.5GHz, 50W; voltage standing wave ratio: <1.18. LPHF high-quality slip ring has multiple models with single channel and multiple channels. The frequency can be customized. It has small size, light weight and compact design.

Slip Ring

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