High Frequency Rotary Joint Applied in the SOTM System


JINPAT developed the first single-channel high-frequency slip ring in 2008. So far, JINPAT has developed a complete high-frequency series slip ring for a wide range of industries.

The high mobility of today's military organizations requires the changes on communication, command and control, thereby the SOTM system is becoming more popular, SOTM is a new communication system that combines the advantages of FSS and MSS. In order to meet the new demands of the industry, JINPAT slip rings have improved the reliability of high-frequency slip rings in terms of structural design and material selection. In 2019, JINPAT provided the first batch of samples for SOTM equipment and successfully passed the prototype testing.

JINPAT high-frequency rotary joint has the following characteristics, the LPHF series can be widely used in radar antennas, military systems and satellite communication system equipment as well. 

◎ Up to 4 circuits (model with more circuits is customizable). 

◎ Frequency up to 50GHz. 

◎ Compact structure with low interference. 

◎ Transmit multifarious signals simultaneously. 

◎ Ultra low insertion loss and transmission fluctuation. 

◎ Long service life and maintenance-free.

Slip Ring

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