High Current Slip Ring


The high current slip ring is also called collector ring, and has the characteristics of high working voltage and large transmission current. The convergence ring is an indispensable rotating conductive device on the super large rotating electromechanical equipment. With more than 20 years experience on development of the large current slip ring , Shenzhen Jingpat Electronics Co., Ltd.have develop over thousand kinds of different projects and applied to different industry.

JINPAT developed high current slip ring has not only the model for transmitting power, but also the precision model of electric signal combination or photo-electric liquid. Among these confluence rings, many are used on cranes or winches in the field of offshore vessels.

On the basis of the high current of  transmission power, the signal path is integrated, then  becomes as precision conductive slip ring of large current and signal. Jinpat’s LPAN000-03400-01PE-10S is representative  products,with 690 VAC and transmits more than 800 KW of power.With the ability to transmit 10 signals. In order to avoid signal and current interference, the signal circutis are generally integrated into a independent through hole slip ring!

Since the offshore crane is also a highly customized industrial product, the high current slip ring of each offshore crane application will have different characteristics. As a slip ring enterprise with various technical strengths in the forefront of the industry, Jinpat customized different items for customers . For example, the offshore cranes can be installed in different working environments to provide a converging ring with integrated heating or cooling modules to meet the operating temperature requirements. In addition, for those special oil drilling platforms, the corresponding anti-0.0 explosion level is also available for customers to choose.

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