Features and Basic Applications of JINPAT Large Current Series LPA Slip Rings


Among all the JINPAT slip rings models, there is a special type pf slip rings. This kind of slip ring is JINPAT large current slip rings, also known as JINPAT high power slip rings. This type features excellent capability to transmit large current. In the following part, we are going to learn more about the features and basic applications of JINPAT large current LPA slip rings. Most of these large current slip rings exceed the capacity of 50A and take up fiber brush design. To better dissipate the heat, most of these high power slip rings adopt hollow structure. And to cope with extreme conditions, JINPAT large current slip rings can be integrated with radiator and heater. This integration help slip rings to better adapt to the environments in tropical humid area or the alpine region.


The large current slip rings have a relatively large current capacity, aside from the larger ampacity, they also have a relatively high rated voltage compared with other slip ring models. For instance, the rated voltage of JINPAT large current slip rings range from 2000V~6000V. Apart from the large current capacity, there is one more advantage of high voltage, that is the capability to transmit electricity in a long distance. This advantage leads to the development of a special kind of large current slip ring, a kind that has small current capacity for each channel while remaining a high working voltage. This special large current slip rings are generally applied in the cable reel on specific vessels or ROVs in the umbilical cable system.

large current slip ring

JINPAT Large Current Slip Ring LPA000-04100-01PE-0410


There are different fields where large current slip rings are applied. And of course, according to different characteristics of each field, there are relative different requirements of the slip ring. For example, among all the JINPAT large current slip rings, slip rings for podded propeller system have the more demanding requirements in terms of power capacity. Among the mainstream podded propellers, power capacity reaches up to 20MW. With the power reaching 20MW, the podded propeller equipped with the large current slip ring is able to provide drive to a 10,000-ton vessel and allow it to sail at a relatively high speed. JINPAT large current slip ring for podded propeller system, is a slip ring model with the largest current capacity, with 3 channels at total, reaching 4000A rated current.  

Aside from enabling large current transmission demanded by high power mechanical machines and devices, JINPAT large current slip ring can be integrated with other functional module. Let’s stay in the case of podded propeller system, to fulfill the cooling requirements of the propeller motor and the slip ring itself, the large current slip ring need to be integrated with the hydraulic and pneumatic rotary joint unit. This unit transmits cooling gas, lubricants and cooling liquids, etc. Beside, to better control the rotating direction of the podded propeller, another weak current signal module is need.

JINPAT Large Current Slip Ring with Integrated Pneumatic/Hydraulic Rotary Union


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