Feature and Selection of JINPAT Multi-channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joint


Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs) is a means to pass signals across rotating interfaces, particularly when transmitting large amounts of data. Fiber-optic rotary joints (FORJs) in particular require exacting optical and mechanical manufacture.

FORJ as one major developing product for JINPAT R&D team, lots of effort have been spend on it from single channel to multi-channel models. Now the multi-channel we can do is up to 24 channels.

The most cost and size efficient options are the single and dual channel designs. In case where three or more fiber channels are needed, JINPAT has LPFO-03N, LPFO-04N, LPFO-05N, LPFO-06N, LPFO-07N, LPFO-08N, LPFO-12N, LPFO-16N, LPFO-18N, LPFO-24N to match different channel demands.



- Compact sizes and light weight

- Suitable for harsh environment

- Electric slip rings integration optional

- Custom designs available

Multi-channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

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