Classification of Fiber Optic Slip Rings


Fiber optic slip rings can be classified differently in terms of use, parameters, principles, etc.


Classified according to the number of channels, it can be divided into single-channel fiber slip rings, dual-channel fiber slip rings and multi-channel fiber slip rings.


According to fiber classification, it can be divided into single-mode fiber slip ring, multi-mode fiber slip ring and special fiber slip ring.


Single-mode fiber slip ring refers to the use of fiber size 9/125 (core diameter 9 microns, cladding diameter 125 microns). There are two types of optical fibers used in multimode fiber slip rings: 50/125 (10 Gigabit fiber OM3) and 62.5 / 125 (Gigabit fiber OM2), where 50 and 62.5 also refer to the core diameter.


Single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber can be visually distinguished from the color of the outer sheath of the cable. The single-mode fiber has a yellow sheath, and the multi-mode fiber has an orange-red sheath.

Fiber Optic Slip Rings

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