Application of JINPAT Ultra-thin Disc Slip Ring in Military Truck


After months of technical tackling by the JINPAT R&D center, JINPAT disc slip ring technology has made a new breakthrough. Our company has launched a military LPK disc slip ring for military trucks. The contact material is treated with precious metal + super hard gold plating. It has stable operation and small resistance fluctuations. It is mainly used in special space requirements where the height space is limited and the horizontal space is basically unlimited. Among all the bidding slip ring manufacturers, only JINPAT passed all the technical parameter tests.

The main advantages of this LPK series disc slip ring: the diameter of the through hole is 60mm, and the outer diameter is φ116mm. The internal and external dimensions can be customized according to user needs. Under the condition that 3 currents and 9 ordinary signals need to be transmitted, the thickness of the product is only 12.5mm. The shell aluminum alloy material ensures that the overall strength of the slip ring is very reliable, and at the same time, the rotating torque between the rotor and the stator is only 60mN•m. The slip ring can be used for signals such as over current, normal signal, Gigabit Ethernet, USB signal, Canbus and FireWire. Low torque, high strength, and exquisite shape make this slip ring widely used in the military industry.

The biggest advantage of this product is that the stator adopts a special elastic structure, and the whole is specially processed by JINPAT. The rotor adopts a copper ring structure, but it is not a traditional PCB board copper coating. This design ensures that the dynamic resistance fluctuation value between the rotor and the stator is only below 3mΩ, fully ensuring that the signal will not be lost.

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