25 Million RPM Micro-Slip Ring


JINPAT's latest high-precision miniature slip ring designed for the world's largest supplier of robot arms is customized for one of its high-precision small robot arms. Its diameter is only 12mm and its length is only 92mm. The pen is also compact, making it ideal for demanding installation spaces.

The miniature robot arm slip ring has a compact design and a service life of up to 25 million revolutions. JINPAT slip rings can not only customize various structures and sizes according to customer needs, but also meet ultra-long working life according to customer needs.

Working temperature: -5 + 90, working humidity: 5-90% RH, non-condensing, applicable to various special working environments.

At the same time, electrical noise: ≤50mΩ, insulation resistance: 20MΩ @ 100VDC, noble metal contacts are used to ensure low friction and stable signal transmission.

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