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  • Wind power is a clean energy source that is supported by the government. With more and more breakthroughs in the core technology of wind turbine generator, the number of wind turbine generator has soared. This also bring new market for the slip ring industry in China while improving the whole wind turbine slip ring standard. As an essential component of the wind turbine, the quality of the slip ring decides the stability and efficiency of the turbine. And given the complex geographic environments of China, wind turbine slip rings must endure various harsh conditions.

  • With the development of technology, modern ships take up a more efficient propulsion system. Gearless steerable propulsion system is a heat in the industry.The electric power is controlled by an onboard frequency converter, and transmitted to the electric motor via power slip rings at the power transmission and steering module. To realize steering while guaranteeing a constant and stable drive, slip rings are essential components.

  • With the development in robotic technology, it has now become a more accessible technology in the commercial field. Recent years has seen the rise of Robot Canteens, more and more robotic machines have entered the catering business.

  • The 4-channel high-frequency rotary joint is an important technological breakthrough for JINPAT Electronics in 2020.

  • JINPAT slip ring can transmit current, 100M Ethernet and CANBUS signals , meanwhile transmit power, with such compact design. The installation of slip ring can be adjusted according to the requirements of the customer.

  • The biggest advantage of this product is that the stator adopts a special elastic structure, and the whole is specially processed by JINPAT. The rotor adopts a copper ring structure, but it is not a traditional PCB board copper coating.

  • JINPAT slip ring solutions apply for stabilization and remote control of moving cameras in the international TV and film industry.

  • JINPAT scraper slip ring is installed on the slewing center of the scraper. It is responsible for the control signal of the lifting rod connected to the hydraulic device and the data transmission.

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