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  • The signal slip ring is a very important slip ring branch. It is responsible for 360-degree rotation transmission of signals. Basing on the signal types, slip rings in the market can basically be divided into electrical signal slip rings and optical signal slip rings. The lead wires for the former type vary according to the specific signal being transmitted while the latter adopts fiber optic as medium.

  • The offshore platform is a very important part among the slip ring application fields. Compared to the other industry, the slip ring for offshore platform features high current capacity. So, most of JINPAT slip rings for offshore platforms are large current slip rings. JINPAT large current slip rings generally speaking are custom slip rings. Recently, a new large current slip ring is about to be sent.

  • JINPAT Electronics has developed many standard through bore slip ring models. These slip rings take up module design. Generally speaking, JINPAT LPT series adopt standard through bore slip ring as the framework, and a mounting plate is installed in the stator side. Other slip rings like fiber optic rotary joint and capsule slip ring can be mounted on the plate to become a hybrid slip ring.

  • Recently, JINPAT has finished the final tests in some of the LPR Pin Connection Slip Rings. The JINPAT team has enchanced the properties in the pin connection slip rings with prominent extension in their service life.

  • Tools have to adopt scientific structure to better their functions. And in the electric mechanical industry, a fine system structure can improve the overall performance of the product while extending its service life. The slip ring is an important electrical connecting joint in an electromechanical system. The structure of the slip ring is very important. Whether the structure is well-laid will decide the overall performance of a slip ring and its technological level. In the following, we are going to take a look at the structure of the fiber optic rotary so as to further illustrate the importance of the slip ring structure.

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