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  • Recently, JINPAT has finished the final tests in some of the LPR Pin Connection Slip Rings. The JINPAT team has enchanced the properties in the pin connection slip rings with prominent extension in their service life.

  • Tools have to adopt scientific structure to better their functions. And in the electric mechanical industry, a fine system structure can improve the overall performance of the product while extending its service life. The slip ring is an important electrical connecting joint in an electromechanical system. The structure of the slip ring is very important. Whether the structure is well-laid will decide the overall performance of a slip ring and its technological level. In the following, we are going to take a look at the structure of the fiber optic rotary so as to further illustrate the importance of the slip ring structure.

  • Carbon brush slip rings is one type of the slip rings family. The carbon brush slip ring is known for its large current capacity, long service life and easy maintenance. Among the JINPAT slip rings, most of the slip rings whose single channel capacity is above 50A generally take up the carbon brush structure. They are also named JINPAT large current slip rings, coded LPA series, or JINPAT high power slip rings. So aside from the LPA series, is there any other JINPAT slip ring that takes up carbon brush structure? The answer is yes, and there are a few. JINPAT separate slip rings the LPS series and JINPAT through hole slip rings the LPT series are good examples.

  • The year of 2020 saw the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The Diagnostic Test Equipment or viral test device plays a vital role in diagnosing COVID-19 and helping medical agents to make further treatments of the patients. A diagnostic test device requires instant and reliable rotary transmission of power and signals. Slip rings, are therefore the key components to complete such transmission task. Since diagnostic test device are highly precise medical equipment, only slip rings with high stability and refined structure can answer their demands. As a professional and experienced slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics put forward two high-precision slip ring models that best fit in these medical devices.

  • A fiber optic rotary joint is a conductive component that transmits power, signals especially the photoelectric signals between the rotary part and the stationary part while allowing a 360-degree rotation. It is especially suitable for equipment that requires unlimited rotation. JINPAT fiber optic rotary joints can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation, and avoid damage to fiber optics due to rotation of moving joints. The fiber optic rotary joints can be used with a traditional electric slip ring as a photoelectric hybrid slip ring to transmit power and high speed data.

  • Among all the JINPAT slip rings models, there is a special type pf slip rings. This kind of slip ring is JINPAT large current slip rings, also known as JINPAT high power slip rings. This type features excellent capability to transmit large current. In the following part, we are going to learn more about the features and basic applications of JINPAT large current LPA slip rings.

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