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What Tests Will The Conductive Slip Ring Undergo Before Leaving The Factory?

As a device for rotating conductive and transmitting electrical signals, although the conductive slip ring is an electromechanical product with relatively simple structure, there are a series of na...

Why Through-hole High-frequency Slip Rings And Optical Fiber Slip Rings Are Rare?

No matter what kind of slip ring is, there are basically two types: solid slip ring or slip ring with central through hole. In addition to the special hollow shaft slip ring LPT series, there are a...

What is a slip ring?

As an industrial product used for rotary connection, the slip ring can be interpreted literally, but it is worth to explore what the slip ring is composed of. Let's first look at the working princi...

JINPAT Slip Rings for Wind Turbines

Wind power is a rather green and clean energy. So, wind turbines find broader use today. For the large type, traditional wind turbine, aside from its blades to collect the kinetic energy of the win...

Introduction to Jingpei small aperture customized slip ring

Hollow shaft slip ring is one of the best-selling products of JINPAT Electronics. The standard products of this series of slip rings only support the transmission of 2 ~ 15A current. Therefore, in ...

Conductive Slip Ring Industry - One to One And One to Many

As a connector used to solve the infinite rotation transmission of electric energy or electric signal in electromechanical products, there are many kinds of conductive slip rings which can be class...

General Discussion on Video Signal Slip Ring Technology of TV Broadcasting System

TV broadcasting system plays an important role in daily life. As a very complex signal system, there is also a slip ring in the scene of production and transmission. We take some large live broadca...

JINPAT Electronics Started The MES Project And Went Further To Intelligent Manufacturing

As an old brand manufacturer in the domestic private slip ring industry, JINPAT Electronics has always been committed to customer-centered and providing customers with high-quality solutions. Over ...

Characteristics of The Conductive Slip Ring For Servo Motor

Servo motor is an indispensable part in automation industry, and conductive slip ring, as an electromechanical part that can rotate infinitely to transmit electric energy, signal and gas-liquid, of...

JINPAT Electronics, a Professional High Current Slip Ring Supplier

Due to the transmission of large power, the high current slip ring will basically adopt the carbon brush empty frame structure. However, the characteristics of this structure restrict the types of ...

Introduction to Ultra Micro HD Video Signal Slip Ring

In the customized slip ring of JINPAT Electronics, it can transmit HD video signals with different bit rates. It has to be mentioned that JINPAT Electronics provides the market with more than 100 p...

Small Multi-functional Integrated Conductive Slip Ring

As an old private conductive/electronic slip ring manufacturer in China, JINPAT Electronics has developed many types of conductive slip rings. Among them, LPM micro and LPMS ultra micro series cond...

USB Signal Integrated Slip Ring of JINPAT Electronics

Like Ethernet signal, the application of USB signal can be seen in many automatic and electronic devices in the era of mechatronics. As a component used to transmit signal and energy between rotati...

Introduction to the LPMS Super Miniature Capsule Slip Ring

LPMS super miniature slip ring is the smallest diameter product in JINPAT Electronic cap slip ring series. The largest diameter model in its standard product is LPMS-12A, with a length of 24mm and ...

JINPAT Electronic Gas-Liquid Electric Signal Integrated Slip Ring

There are many conductive slip rings in the automatic automobile production line. For example, there may be conductive slip rings on some welding handling robots and visual inspection equipments.

JINPAT Electronics, a Professional Conductive Slip Ring Manufacturer For Consumer Electronics

Improving the added value of products is a major reason for the application of conductive slip rings in the consumer electronics industry.

Slip Rings Using Machining Parts

The slip rings that use machining parts as stator and rotor parts on a large scale are gas-liquid slip rings, optical fiber slip rings, highfrequency slip rings and some customized slip rings.