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Characteristics (Slip ring) of Schemes Provided by Customers

As a manufacturer of conductive slip rings, JNIPAT Electronics has a flexible business mode. For example, some conductive slip rings use a large number of pure copper wires. If JINPAT Electronics p...

Professional Manufacturer of Conductive Slip Rings For Cardio Cerebrovascular Precision Medical Devi

As mechanical and electrical equipment with high technical content, in the past for a long time, some medical treatment and monitoring instruments and equipment were also short boards of relevant d...

Application of Ethernet Signal Slip Ring in Automatic Machinery

Recently, JINPAT Electronics has designed and delivered a variety of Ethernet integrated slip rings for customers at home and abroad. As a signal with the highest frequency in the conductive slip r...

JINPAT Electronics, a Professional High Current Slip Ring Supplier

Due to the transmission of large power, the high current slip ring will basically adopt the carbon brush empty frame structure. However, the characteristics of this structure restrict the types of ...

JINPAT Electronics Initiates Its MES Project, A Big Step Forward in Intelligent Manufacturing

As a private-ran historical slip ring manufacturer in China, JINPAT Electronics spares no effort in bring customers with satisfactory high standard slip ring solutions. Within the years, JINPAT...

Standard Conductive Slip Ring Assist in Product Innovation and Upgrading of Consumer Electronics

At present, the common consumer electronics on the market includes robots, UAVs and handhold electronic terminal devices with various functions. Due to many products involved, the industrial chain ...

A Professional Supplier of Rotating Conductive Solutions For Construction Machinery

To some extent, the slip ring of construction machinery is the fist product in JINPAT Electronic product series. This series has many models and large output, and most of them are developed for con...

New Through-hole Platform Tube Twist Slip Ring

Among JINPAT Electronics's high current slip ring series products, there are few models with through-hole, and few with through-hole diameter more than 300mm. Recently, JINPAT Electronics has devel...

Introduction to Ultra Micro HD Video Signal Slip Ring

In the customized slip ring of JINPAT Electronics, it can transmit HD video signals with different bit rates. It has to be mentioned that JINPAT Electronics provides the market with more than 100 p...

Small Multi-functional Integrated Conductive Slip Ring

As an old private conductive/electronic slip ring manufacturer in China, JINPAT Electronics has developed many types of conductive slip rings. Among them, LPM micro and LPMS ultra micro series cond...

JINPAT Electronic Gas-Liquid Electric Signal Integrated Slip Ring

There are many conductive slip rings in the automatic automobile production line. For example, there may be conductive slip rings on some welding handling robots and visual inspection equipments.

Introduction of Single Channel RF Integrated Slip Ring

As a very important category of slip rings, RF signal slip rings are indispensable in radio and other fields.

Conductive Slip Ring on the Automatic Frying Machines

The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. In addition to new scientific and technological achievements constantly being applied to some scenes of people's daily l...