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What Tests Will The Conductive Slip Ring Undergo Before Leaving The Factory?

As a device for rotating conductive and transmitting electrical signals, although the conductive slip ring is an electromechanical product with relatively simple structure, there are a series of na...

Features and Application of JINPAT Slip Rings for Engineering Machinery

JINPAT Electronics is a historical slip ring manufacturer with great innovative ability. Since establishment, JINPAT has devoted into perfecting slip rings for various purposes. With a strong and i...

Introduction to Jingpei small aperture customized slip ring

Hollow shaft slip ring is one of the best-selling products of JINPAT Electronics. The standard products of this series of slip rings only support the transmission of 2 ~ 15A current. Therefore, in ...

Professional Manufacturer of Conductive Slip Rings For Cardio Cerebrovascular Precision Medical Devi

As mechanical and electrical equipment with high technical content, in the past for a long time, some medical treatment and monitoring instruments and equipment were also short boards of relevant d...

Application of Ethernet Signal Slip Ring in Automatic Machinery

Recently, JINPAT Electronics has designed and delivered a variety of Ethernet integrated slip rings for customers at home and abroad. As a signal with the highest frequency in the conductive slip r...

JINPAT Electronics Initiates Its MES Project, A Big Step Forward in Intelligent Manufacturing

As a private-ran historical slip ring manufacturer in China, JINPAT Electronics spares no effort in bring customers with satisfactory high standard slip ring solutions. Within the years, JINPAT...

USB Signal Integrated Slip Ring of JINPAT Electronics

Like Ethernet signal, the application of USB signal can be seen in many automatic and electronic devices in the era of mechatronics. As a component used to transmit signal and energy between rotati...

Conductive Slip Ring on the Automatic Frying Machines

The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. In addition to new scientific and technological achievements constantly being applied to some scenes of people's daily l...

Slip Rings which Transform Automatic Irrigation System in Desert

China has never stopped doing desertification control since the founding of new China. For this reason, people who live in the edge of the desert have made great effort and many advanced figures ha...

The Characteristics of Conductive Slip Ring Used on Monitor

As an indispensable part in electromechanical and other industries, conductive slip rings are widely used, which leads to the manufacture of different models of slip rings to meet the market demand...

Large Aperture Separate Slip Ring

JINPAT has manufactured a series of conductive slip ring and one of them is model LPS. Products of LPS adopt separation design that the rotor and copper ring is exposed. As the LPS products are one...

Conductive Slip Rings on Manned Centrifuges

There are many kinds of centrifuges. Centrifuges for diverse purposes are in huge different in terms of their sizes and shapes. JINPAT has provided millions of rotating conductive solutions for v...

Hybrid Slip Ring Solutions by JINPAT

Today, we will look into some JINPAT hybrid solutions that are popular in the market.

Slip Rings the Epitome of Automated Manufacturing

As a key player of the automated production machines, the slip ring is a reflection of how these machines are heading.

What is a slip ring

Today, our JINPAT team is going to answer the three basic questions about the slip ring. We hope you can have a better understanding of a slip ring after this article.1.What is a slip ring?A slip r...

JINPAT Integrated Rotary Joint for Power, Liquid and Gas

JINPAT hybrid rotary joint is a highly integrated rotary joint.

JINPAT Separate Slip Ring with Large Through-Bore Diameter

Among all the slip ring series produced by JINPAT Electronics, separate slip ring LPS series does not get much attention as the others. Without any housing protection, the slip ring rotor and the c...

JINPAT Hybrid Slip Rings for Automated Production Equipment

In today’s manufacturing industry, automated production is a trend and related automated production equipment are adopted to better enhance production efficiency and also fulfill other producing re...