JINPAT Robotic Slip Rings

2021-12-30 17:14 JINPAT

In today’s society, artificial intelligence has entered different fields. Applications of robots can be generally divided into two branches the commercial robots and the industrial robots. Robots are adopted to replace human in certain kind of tasks like early education, serving meals and producing, etc. To allow flexible movements that mimic human, different parts of a robot or a robotic arm should be allowed to rotate freely. Meanwhile, there is need to transmit power and signals. A slip ring is an essential component to realize such movement and function.

JINPAT Electronics, as an experienced slip ring manufacturer not only produces standard slip rings, but also provides custom slip ring design and production. According to different robotic devices, JINPAT develops various slip ring solutions. Now let’s take a look at a few.

For commercial robots and AIs, most are of the small size devices. You can see companion robots, also known as conversational robots are entering more and more families. Service robots are taking an important part in restaurant. More and more citizens use drones to take a bird view photos of the city. These are all AIs of a relatively small size. For applications as mentioned, JINPAT recommends capsule slip ring and miniature slip ring as prototype. LPM-08B-0404 and LPM-0210-0102-02E2-09S are two models fit for companion robots and service robot respectively. The latter model integrates 2 100M Ethernet signals. This model can serve in commercial service robots.

robotic slip ring1.jpg

As for industrial robots, robotics arms and AIs, there are higher standards of power capacity and data capacity. Therefore, slip rings applied in this field are more technology demanding than those for commercial industries. In the industry section, robots like scanning robots, pipeline inspection robot are of the small size ones. JINPAT LPC capsule slip rings are still ideal models to make custom solutions. As for medium size or large size robots like harvesting robots and industrial robotic arms, JINPAT LPT through bore slip rings are preferred. LPT045-U2-06S is a custom slip ring for harvesting robots. There is 1 USB2.0 channel and 6 sensor signal channels. The through bore design facilitate installation on the robotic devices.

Aside from these custom slip ring models, more solutions are available. Hybrid slip ring solutions that transmit optical signals, radio frequency signals and even Gigabit Ethernet signals can be made according to your actual needs. If you want to enable fluid/gas transmission, you can request an integrated rotary union.

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