What Tests Will The Conductive Slip Ring Undergo Before Leaving The Factory?

2022-02-18 17:53 JINPAT Electronics

As a device for rotating conductive and transmitting electrical signals, although the conductive slip ring is an electromechanical product with relatively simple structure, there are a series of national standards to regulate various operations in the process of raw material procurement and manufacturing in order to ensure its operation stability. After the conductive slip ring is made into a finished product, it still needs to undergo multiple rounds of inspection. As an old manufacturer of conductive slip rings in China, JINPAT Eectronics has also explored a set of product testing process. In addition to the most basic aspects such as appearance, JINPAT has many unique product testing schemes in mechanical, electrical and so on.


Taking the mechanical performance as an example, in order to verify whether a conductive slip ring meets the design index, JINPAT Electronics will put multiple samples on the JINPAT life test bench, and test its life with ultra-high strength running 24 hours a day when it is powered on. Taking LPC-0210, a conductive slip ring designed by JINPAT with a design life of more than 100 million revolutions, as an example. The speed required by the customer is only 300 rpm. In order to test its total life as soon as possible, JINPAT increased its speed on the test bench to 1200 rpm, so as to test its accurate life data in a short time. This inspection method is especially strict for the first product or conductive slip ring with new structure.

The conductive slip ring with excellent mechanical quality also needs excellent electrical performance to be considered a perfect product, and the electrical performance also needs to be known through testing. For example, the products on the JINPAT life test bench record their electrical parameters at regular intervals. The electrical parameters of different types of conductive slip rings are slightly different. When one or more of these parameters exceed the design value, we can judge whether it reaches the life limit according to the parameters.

So what parameters determine the final life of a conductive slip ring? These parameters are guided by relatively complete national standard documents. In addition, there are relevant documents of relevant upstream industries as a reference, such as the relevant provisions on the detection of turntable slip ring in GJB 1801-93 main performance test methods of inertial technology test equipment. According to the regulations of these industries on conductive slip rings and the standards related to the life design of electrical products, professional manufacturers such as JINPAT Electronics generally inspect the insulation resistance, dynamic contact resistance, contact resistance fluctuation value and isolation of conductive slip rings one by one.