Introduction to Jingpei small aperture customized slip ring

2021-12-21 17:00 JINPAT Electronics

Hollow shaft slip ring is one of the best-selling products of JINPAT Electronics. The standard products of this series of slip rings only support the transmission of 2 ~ 15A current. Therefore, in many cases, customized solutions are needed to solve the problem of integrated transmission of power, signal and even gas-liquid. In addition to the cap slip ring, the most customized models are the hollow shaft. Compared with the customized products of the cap slip ring, the hollow shaft slip ring has stronger scalability. For example, to integrate multi-channel optical fiber slip ring or high-frequency slip ring, it must be based on the hollow shaft slip ring.

Among the customized hollow shaft slip rings of JINPAT, there is a class of ultra compact products, with a via diameter of only 4mm and an outer diameter of 45mm, 70mm and 73mm. These customized slip rings with a via diameter of 4mm have more integrated signal types and current paths. Let's first look at a multi current integrated slip ring LPT0014-045-0420-0210-7802 with an outer diameter of 45mm. It integrates 4-way 20A, 2-way 10A and 78-way 2A channels. When 84 channels are integrated, its length is only 252.5mm. In terms of volume, it is a very compact multi-way air spindle slip ring.

Of course, JINPAT compact hollow shaft slip ring will not only be used to transmit power. Compared with LPT004-073-0416-0610-0405-14302-3E3-3E2, the number of signal and current channels reaches 163, of which the current channels are 4-way 16A, 6-way 10A and 143-way 2A respectively, and the signal module has 3-Gigabit and 100M Ethernet signal channels respectively. Since the number of channels of this model product is nearly twice that of the previous pure electric slip ring, its length has also been nearly doubled to 506mm. Due to the arrangement of more channels, its diameter has been increased by 28mm.

This kind of compact hollow shaft slip ring with many functions and ways, in addition to rich design experience, it is relatively difficult in product manufacturing. This is because this kind of conductive slip ring has many paths, but its diameter is very small, so it also has very high requirements for concentricity between different loops. JINPAT has a very experienced machining technician, a batch of advanced high-precision machining equipment and a large number of high-precision molds. Relying on these advantages, JINPAT does not need too many concerns when manufacturing this kind of compact hollow shaft slip ring.