JINPAT Electronics Continues to Exert Force in The Field of High Current Slip Ring

2021-12-21 16:56 JINPAT Electronics

As one of the main products of JINPAT Electronics, LPA high current series is the only slip ring without standard products. These products have very distinctive characteristics, such as overhead structure design, carbon brush friction pair, single circuit current transmission capacity of more than 50A, etc. As an experienced slip ring enterprise in the industry for more than 20 years, JINPAT Electronics is one of the few professional conductive slip ring manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta that has the ability to provide high current slip ring design solutions for all walks of life, large-scale mass production strength and rapid delivery ability.

The high current slip ring developed by JINPAT Electronics is also widely used in many industries, from the large rotating stage for entertainment, to the large rotary furnace in the chemical plant, to all kinds of marine cranes and other equipment, there are field application examples of JINPAT high current slip ring. Relatively speaking, the rotating stage and chemical plants are less likely to use high current slip rings, and the offshore crane is linked to infrastructure, and China is a country with extremely developed infrastructure, so the high current slip rings for offshore crane developed by JINPAT are the most.

At present, many types of offshore crane slip rings are being manufactured on JINPAT production line. Take LPA000-0450-01PE-0310-0505 as an example. This type of product is the product with the lowest current among JINPAT high current slip rings. The rated current transmitted by each circuit is only 50A, which just enters the door of LPA series products, and there are few high current channels for this conductive slip ring, In addition, there are only 5 grounding rings that need to meet 50A. LPA000-041000-01PE-0450-0310-1005, which is currently being manufactured and has reached the delivery state, is a marine crane slip ring with the largest single channel current developed by JINPAT, and the current transmitted in each channel reaches 1000A.

In addition to the marine crane slip rings, JINPAT also has very strong technical strength in the field of pod electric propeller slip rings. At present, it has developed more than ten high current slip rings for thrusters from hundreds of KW to 7.5 MW. Recently, JINPAT delivered four high current slip rings for pod electric thrusters of one MW to a customer at one time.

The appearance of JINPAT thruster slip ring has broken the long-standing occupation and monopoly of foreign slip ring manufacturers in the product market in this field. With the further development of domestic electric thruster industry, the market share of JINPAT in this field will become larger and larger. Therefore, JINPAT engineer team has started the scheme pre-research of higher power thruster slip ring, and strive to break through the development technology of 20MW propeller slip ring as soon as possible.