Professional Manufacturer of Conductive Slip Rings For Cardio Cerebrovascular Precision Medical Devi

2021-12-10 15:56 JINPAT Electronics

As mechanical and electrical equipment with high technical content, in the past for a long time, some medical treatment and monitoring instruments and equipment were also short boards of relevant domestic industries. However, with the maturity of domestic upstream and downstream supply chain, relevant domestic medical equipment manufacturers also began to achieve technological breakthroughs in this field. As a well-known professional slip ring manufacturer in China, JINPAT Electronics is also a member of the industrial chain of medical treatment and monitoring instruments and equipment. It is able to provide special conductive slip rings for various medical equipment with different functions.

JINPAT Electronics has recently developed a product with relatively simple structure for cardiac monitoring instrument. Its model is LPC-D25-02S. The only function of it is integrating one single pass pulse signal. Due to the special pulse signal, the wire used is not ordinary wire or twisted pair, but 50 Ω resistance RF0.81 coaxial line. In addition to cardiac monitoring and treatment instruments, JINPAT Electronics also provides rotating conductive solutions for other therapeutic or monitoring instruments. For example, LPT012B-0302-U2, a hollow shaft slip ring, is specially developed for the treatment of eye diseases. It integrates 3-channel 2A power ring and 1-channel USB2 0 signal circuit.

In addition to pulse signals and computer signals such as USB and Ethernet, there will also be signals such as high-definition video on many medical instruments and equipment. Therefore, in the slip ring of medical instruments developed by JINPAT Electronics, the high-definition video integrated slip ring also accounts for a large part. Some more high-end medical equipment will use photoelectric integrated slip rings to solve the problems of power and signal transmission. Compared with other medical slip rings, the speed of photoelectric integrated slip rings can be higher. The design speed of high-speed medical photoelectric integrated slip rings developed by JINPAT Electronics has reached the maximum 10000 rpm.


In addition to providing multi signal integrated rotating conductive solutions for the medical equipment manufacturing industry, JINPAT Electronics can also solve the problem of miniaturization of medical slip rings. JINPAT Electronics has very rich experience in the development of ultra micro slip rings. It can control the slip ring diameter of 12 channels to 6.5mm, and based on this slip ring, a multifunctional slip ring integrating computer signal or high-definition video signal for medical equipment can be developed. The representative models of JINPAT Electronics ultra micro integrated slip ring include LPMS-12U-0601-U2, LPMS-12U-0401-04S-HD01, etc.