General Discussion on Video Signal Slip Ring Technology of TV Broadcasting System

2021-12-10 15:53 JINPAT Electronics

TV broadcasting system plays an important role in daily life. As a very complex signal system, there is also a slip ring in the scene of production and transmission. We take some large live broadcast scenes as examples. On these occasions, multi-purpose broadcasting equipment is often erected, such as large photography rocker arm for auxiliary image shooting, satellite TV broadcasting vehicle for signal transmission, etc. There are specially designed slip rings in these equipment.

As an experienced professional slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics naturally has the experience of developing special slip rings for these TV broadcasting system equipment. Take the slip ring of photography rocker arm as an example. Most of them are small and medium-sized products developed on the basis of LPC and LPM series slip rings, with a number of circuits ranging from 1 to 36. The SDI HD video signal channels integrated by these slip rings may also be different according to different application equipment.

JINPAT Electronics has developed up to 4-channel SDI HD video signal slip rings, which can be applied to these devices. What is worth integrating is that in the signal rotation transmission scheme provided by JINPAT Electronics for the photography rocker arm, there are also cases where three single channel SDI HD video signal slip rings are connected in series on the three axes of the rocker arm. As the transmission loss is relatively big in This installation method put a great challenge on the aspects of signal transmission loss and so on.

The high-end HD TV signal relay vehicle will directly transmit the on-site collected signals to the satellite in space, so its integrated signal transmitting antenna is essential. In order to align with the relay satellite in space, its antenna system will also integrate a high-definition video into a slip ring. The working principle of the satellite broadcasting vehicle is not much different from that of regular vehicle. They both transmit electromagnetic waves to satellites in space. In addition, the high-frequency slip ring can transmit both electromagnetic signals and high-definition video signals. Therefore, the slip rings used by the two can be used in general, but there is a slight difference in materials.

At present, the SDI HD video signal slip ring developed by JINPAT Electronics has the ability to transmit 4K HD video signals of 12-GSDI, which can meet the needs of various TV broadcasting equipment on the market. However, with the popularity of 8K Ultra HD video signals and higher specifications of electrical signals, the HD video signal slip ring has not been established. In the future, it is also a new technical trend to use the optical fiber slip ring with large signal bandwidth to replace the high-frequency slip ring to transmit 8K or higher bit rate video signals.