Application of Ethernet Signal Slip Ring in Automatic Machinery

2021-11-25 14:58 JINPAT Electronics

Recently, JINPAT Electronics has designed and delivered a variety of Ethernet integrated slip rings for customers at home and abroad. As a signal with the highest frequency in the conductive slip ring, it can be the Ethernet signal commonly used on computers or PROFINET industrial Ethernet signal. This also means that the Ethernet integrated slip ring developed by JINPAT Electronics can be used not only in the terminal with computer signal as the controller, but also in the equipment dominated by industrial control signal.

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Let's briefly talk about the application of JINPAT Ethernet signal integrated slip ring in some automatic machinery. LPT046-0430-0415-E2 and LPT000-0430-0415-E2 are models of the medium and large-scale multi-channel integrated Ethernet integrated slip ring. The electro-pneumatic performance and internal structure of these two products are the same. Therefore, they are classified in JINPAT hollow shaft slip ring series. The difference between the two is that the former has a 46mm diameter through hole, and the latter is a cylindrical slip ring without through hole. These two slip rings are used in the automatic filling equipment of bottled drinks.

These two hollow shaft slip rings transmit great power, so they are used in medium and large-scale equipment. In addition, JINPAT Electronics also has a small Ethernet slip ring applied to this kind of bottle filling machine. Its representative model is LPC-06A-E2. Compared with the first two models, this is an extremely compact product, with a diameter of only 22mm and a length of only 19.2mm. It should be the smallest slip ring developed by JINPAT Electronics for this type of bottle filling machine. Such small bottle filling machines are generally used for filling high value-added liquids such as medicine and perfume.

In addition to this kind of bottle filling machine, there are also Ethernet signal slip rings on the marking machine and packaging machine. For example, LPT000-0315-E3 is specially developed for the marking machine, which integrates three 15A current paths and one Gigabit Ethernet path. In addition to integration with electricity, Ethernet signals are often integrated with gas-liquid connectors to meet the needs of some special automation machinery. For example, SPT000-0406-0202-E2-01A slip ring is specially developed for plastic film production and processing machinery. It integrates one 100 Gigabit Ethernet, one single channel gas-liquid connector and six different sizes of current.