JINPAT slip ring participates in the 2022 RoboMaster Mecha Master Super Competition

JINPAT slip ring participates in the 2022 RoboMaster Mecha Master Super CompetitionRoboMaster Mecha Master Super CompetitionThe RoboMaster Mecha Master Super Competition is hosted by the Central Co...

Bottling production equipment slip ring

Bottling production equipment slip ringAs the name suggests, the bottle making machine is the equipment for manufacturing various glass bottles and cans. At present, all kinds of equipment produced...

High current slip ring on sea steel behemoth

High current slip ring on sea steel behemoth High-current slip ring is the main product of JINPAT Electronics. Its English code is LPA, which refers to the carbon brush slip ring with a single-circ...

Classification of Common Robots And Their Required Conductive Slip Rings

Robots have always been an important application field of conductive slip rings. Due to different industries or application scenarios, robots are also divided into many types. The more common categ...

Textile Machinery Slip Ring

textile machinery slip ringA major invention in the first industrial revolution was the "Jenny loom", which was dozens of times more efficient than the old weaving machine at that time. Today, Chin...

Turntable Slip Rings

Turntable Slip RingsThe turntable is a complex modern equipment integrating opto-mechanical integration. It is used for semi-physical simulation and testing in the fields of aviation and aerospace,...

JINPAT Robotic Slip Rings

In today’s society, artificial intelligence has entered different fields. Applications of robots can be generally divided into two branches the commercial robots and the industrial robots. Robots a...

Standard Conductive Slip Ring Assist in Product Innovation and Upgrading of Consumer Electronics

At present, the common consumer electronics on the market includes robots, UAVs and handhold electronic terminal devices with various functions. Due to many products involved, the industrial chain ...

JINPAT Electronic Gas-Liquid Electric Signal Integrated Slip Ring

There are many conductive slip rings in the automatic automobile production line. For example, there may be conductive slip rings on some welding handling robots and visual inspection equipments.

What kinds of slip rings fit in a bomb disposal robot

Both the camera and robot arm on a bomb disposal robot need slip rings to enable rotary transmission of power and signals.

Slip Rings for Robots and Robotic Arms

With the development of industrial automation and artificial intelligence technology, Robots are entering industrial production and even people’s everyday life. Compared to human labor, robots are ...