Radar Antenna

Shipboard Radar Slip Ring

Shipboard radar slip ring Radar is an electronic device that uses electromagnetic waves to detect objects. It emits electromagnetic waves to illuminate the target and receives its echoes. Fro...

Types of RF Signal Slip Ring And Their Application

Radio frequency equipment is used in many fields. It radiates electromagnetic waves to realize the functions of communication, detection and even medical treatment. For example, 5G base station is ...

Introduction of Single Channel RF Integrated Slip Ring

As a very important category of slip rings, RF signal slip rings are indispensable in radio and other fields.

JINPAT Radio Frequency Slip Ring

JINPAT high frequency rotary joint and its hybrid solutions

JINPAT High Frequency Slip Ring for Broadcasting Vehicles

A high frequency electrical slip ring refers to the combination of a standard electrical slip ring and a high frequency rotary joint.

Challenging Aerospace Mission for Slip Rings

On the aviation craft, there are conductive rotary appliances that install slip rings to enable rotary transmission.

JINPAT High Frequency Rotary Joints for Military Radar System

Rotary joints, also called slip rings, are important electrical components that facilitate power and signal transmission between the rotating part and stationary part. There are various types of sl...