What Kinds of Slip Rings Fit in UAVs?

2021-05-20 16:07JINPAT

UAVs is an abbreviation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Not only has the UAV played an important role in the military field, it also becomes an electronic device that is accessible for civil use, especially for aviation photographing. On the UAVs, there is generally a slip ring to enable data transmission between the camera/ electro-optical pod and the processor. The slip ring allows the camera or the sensor to rotate in 360-degree freely while transmitting the signals.

So what kinds of slip rings can better serve the UAVs? JINPAT Electronics present here several efficient and reliable rotary solutions!

For UAVs, JINPAT strongly recommends JINPAT separate slip ring LPS, JINPAT capsule slip ring LPC series and JINPAT miniature slip ring LPM series. Two salient advantages make these slip rings super fit for the UAVs, which are their compact design and their superlight weight.

JINPAT slip rings take up modular design, allow simultaneous 360-degree rotary transmission of power and signals. Thanks to the fine shielding effect, there not interference between circuits. The electrical slip rings produced by JINPAT adopt gold-to-gold contacts, and therefore lower the friction during rotation. Such technique guarantees a smooth and reliable rotation of the slip ring unit and lengthens its service life.

JINPAT slip rings for UAVs are available in wholesale. JINPAT has its own factory and therefore is able to provide slip rings at a very competitive price. Besides, JINPAT has a discreet inspection system. JINPAT slip rings have to go through serious quality tests before delivery.

Contact JINPAT Electronics for more slip ring solutions! You will be happy with our products and service.

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Features & Advantages

Loading standard module while transmitting power and signal in 360° continuous rotation

Precise and compact internal structure with military surface processing technique

Special grooved design guarantees a smooth running and low electrical noise

Low contact pressure, low wear debris with multi-contact design

Stable dimension, high precision with injection molding

Copper ear stator, easy welding for customers

Separate construction, suitable for tiny installation space

   No lubrication, maintenance free

   Long service life


EquipmentPart NumberPerformanceSpecs
CircuitsWorking Speed
Domestic UAVLPS-1212*2A0~100 rpmslip  ring
Domestic UAVLPC-18A-01-12S-U21*USB2.0+12*Signal0~300 rpmslip  ring
Domestic UAVLPM-12B-0802-01S1*RF Coaxial Wire+8*2A0~300 rpmslip  ring
Agricultural UAVLPC-10S10*1A0~1200 rpmslip  ring
Military UAVLPM-18C-0702-08S2*1.5A+5*1.2+8*Differential Signal0~100 rpmslip  ring
UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle )LPC-0202-02S-IP682*2A+2*Signal0~30 rpmslip  ring