Slip Rings for Robots and Robotic Arms

2021-05-17 14:44JINPAT

With the development of industrial automation and artificial intelligence technology, Robots are entering industrial production and even people’s everyday life. Compared to human labor, robots are able to finish certain tasks in an accurate and sustainable way with a pre-set program. And in case of complex operational environment, the application of robots can reduce threats that might affect human. Given these advantages, robots are more and more popular in manufacturing industry. Talking of daily life, robots take the forms of electronic pets and educational devices. For these robots, to mimic human movements and acquire great flexibility, slip rings are usually installed. And aside from movements, some robots need to transmit various signals like analog signals, high definition videos and Ethernet signal, etc. Slip rings are the key components to enable signal transmission while allowing the joining part to rotates in 360-degree without restrictions.

As a historical slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT has come up with hundreds of slip rings model that fit for different application. For robots and robotic arms, JINPAT also has many rotary joint solutions.

JINPAT LPC capsule slip rings, LPM miniature slip rings and LPMS super miniature slip rings are mostly chosen for robot slip rings. Since the mature robots nowadays tend to be small size. and the slip rings produced by JINPAT mentioned above are comparatively small in size and light in weight. Such features make them perfectly fit for robotic applications. JINPAT slip rings help to simplify the structure of a robot, ensuring a smoother joint movement while enabling a safe and reliable data transmission. JINPAT slip rings enjoy long service life and require low maintenance.

Aside from LPC, LPM and LPMS series, JINPAT has more to offer. JINPAT LPT through bore slip ring is a perfect choice for industrial robots that need to bear load. JINPAT FORJ fiber optic rotary joints, also known as optical slip rings are for robot that demands high quality data transmission. Besides, JINPAT also offers custom   to the customers. JINPAT is determined to bring up the fittest slip ring that can satisfy the client’s need. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubt or any specific demands.

borot slip ring                  borot slip ring

Features & Advantages

Transmitting electricity and various kinds of signals

Large current-carrying capacity

High precision and reliable performance

Low friction force, no wear debris

   Low starting torque (1N.m), low torque budget

   High temperature resistance (up to 220)

Easy to install

Long service life

Maintenance free

EquipmentPart NumberPerformanceSpecs
CircuitsWorking Speed
RobotLPMS-12A12*0.5A0~300 rpmslip  ring
Floor Moppinmg RobotLPC-06AT-055*1A0~300 rpmslip  ring
Manufacture Scanning RobotLPM-06F6*2A0~300 rpmslip  ring
Picking RobotLPT045-U2-06S1*USB2.0+6*Signal/slip  ring
Sewer-checking RobotLPT000-3816-240238*16A+24*2A0~20 rpmslip  ring
Research RobotLPKS008-0204-04022*4A+4*2A0~50 rpmslip  ring
Pick-and-place MachineLPT025-0365-04163*65A+4*16A0~20 rpmslip  ring
Robot Arm JointsLPMS-06B6*1A0~300 rpmslip  ring
Mechanical Arm for 3D ScannerLPM-18C18*Signal/slip  ring