JINPAT High Frequency Rotary Joints for Military Radar System

2021-05-17 14:10JINPAT

Rotary joints, also called slip rings, are important electrical components that facilitate power and signal transmission between the rotating part and stationary part. There are various types of slip rings to serve in specific applications. As for military radars, which are widely used in detecting the orientation of an object in the military defense system, aside from allowing the radar antenna to rotate in a 360-degree, the rotary joint or slip ring needs to enable a reliable data transmission. JINPAT high frequency rotary joint, or radio frequency slip ring is a perfect slip ring solution for military radar systems.

JINPAT high frequency slip ring, transmits analog signals from 500MHz to 50GHz. Radio frequency slip rings can be further categorized into single-channel RF rotary joints and multi-channel rotary joints.

RF slip rings developed by JINPAT contribute to simplifying the structure of a military radar system, rid it of leads twinning and therefore attain a smooth 360-degree rotation of the antenna while maintaining an excellent data transmission performance.

Radar Antenna slip ring                    Radar Antenna slip ring

Features & Advantages

High transmitting frequency

Anti-electromagnetic interference

Hybrid precise rotary joints

Reliable performance, without data package loss

Ultra-low attenuation loss, low electrical noise

Small and light with compact design

   Water-proof, pressure-proof, and vibration resistant

Operating in a wide range of temperature

Long service life

Maintenance free


Rapid delivery

EquipmentPart numberPerformanceIPSpecs
Airborne Radar AntennaLPT000-0330-1302-E3-E2

3*30A+4*Antenna Surveillance Signal+4*RF Surveillance Signal+4*Network Port+8*INS+2*Signal

slip  ring
Airborne Radar AntennaLPT000-0410-0203-11S-HF024*10A+2*3A+2*Control Signal+1pair*RF Signal(100MHz)+5*CANBus+6*Surveillance Signal+1*PE+2*HFIP64slip  ring
Airborne Radar AntennaLPT000-0420-23S-HF02

4*30A+3*INS+5*Channel+5*Antenna & Servo Signal+4*CANBus

+4*Network Port Signal+2*Backup+1*PE+2*HF

IP64slip  ring
Vehicle-borne Radar AntennaLPT000-1004-16S-HF0210*4A+3*100KHz+3*Data Signal+5*Servo Signal+5*RF Signal+1*PEIP54slip  ring
Vehicle-borne Radar AntennaLPT065-1410-50S-HD0214*10A+18*TACH+7*Surveillance Signal+7*1KHz Sigbnal+6*Surveillance Signal+2*Video Signal+12*Signal+1*PEIP54slip  ring
Vehicle-borne Radar AntennaLPT000-0410-04S-HF024*10A+4*Signal+1*PE+2*HFIP65slip  ring
Shipborne Radar AntennaLPT000-0410-08S-HF024*10A+4*Signal+4*Network Port Signal+4*PE+2*HFIP54slip  ring
Shipborne Radar AntennaLPT038-2405-A16*5A+5*Serial Port Signal+3*CANBusIP64slip  ring
Meteorologic Radar AntennaLPT080-1805-06156*15A+11*5A+7*SignalIP65slip  ring
Meteorologic Radar AntennaLPT000-0215-06S-2RF2*15A+6*CANBus+2*WaveguideIP54slip  ring