JINPAT HDMI Slip Ring Spices Up Your VR Devices

2021-05-17 14:02JINPAT

Recent years have witnessed the rise of virtual reality technology. VR has stepped out of the experiment workshop to people’s everyday life, especially the entertainment field. It is a great news for gamers chasing immersive experience. VR headset is a hot product. And for VR devices, slip rings work as important components to transmit signals, especially high definition video signals from the rotary sensor to the stationary processor.

For VR head set, JINPAT Electronics has come up with a high functioning slip ring solution. JINPAT HDMI slip ring can transmit both HDMI signals and USB signals. With the built-in interface, JINPAT HDMI slip ring is very convenient to initialize. The HDMI signal transmission rate of JINPAT slip ring reaches 2160×1080P@90HZ (2K ultra-clear video). JINPAT HDMI slip ring for VR headset with its high transmission rate, is able to transmit video signals in an efficient and reliable way and there able to guarantee a great user experience.

JINPAT VR slip rings are well-received among the customer and we keep having returned clients. Aside from its excellent electronic performances, it also wins the heart of the clients for its long service life.

If you cannot find a specific slip ring model on our website page, you can also contact us. Contact JINPAT for more slip ring solutions!

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