JINPAT Slip Ring for Dome Surveillance Cameras

2021-05-10 14:15JINPAT

In modern life, surveillance systems are installed to offer a real-time supervision of a certain area. These systems are run in traffic monitoring, security in cooperation and even for civil use. The dome surveillance camera is a most commonly seen surveillance devices. The camera can rotate in a 360-degree to capture real-time images and return the data back to the monitor center. To avoid restriction from lead wires, a slip ring is installed to enable power and signal transmission in the dome surveillance camera. As there is need to transmit images in high definition, there are harsher standard of the slip rings being applied.

JINPAT Electronics has made great effort in developing slip rings that can answer this demand.JINPAT Electronics has developed various types of slip rings that fit in dome surveillance camera. JINPAT miniature slip ring LPM series, capsule slip ring LPC series are major slip ring types for surveillance cameras. These slip rings can transmit various signals like Gigabit Ethernet signals, USB signals and HDMI signals, etc. The SDI signal rate can reach 1.5Gb/s, which is used to transmit high-definition video signals. With high-speed transmission, JINPAT slip ring is able to answer the demand of such application.

Adopting gold-to-gold contact, JINPAT slip ring keeps a smooth and quiet operation while transmitting signals in high efficiency. JINPAT slip rings are endurable. They are able to serve the monitoring system in excellent and stable performance. JINPAT slip ring guarantees no data loss with high data transmission speed and therefore is a perfect choice for surveillance cameras.

Video monitoring slip ring

Features & Advantages

      360°continuous rotating transmission

      ◆ Transmitting analog and digital signal

      ◆ Modular design with compact size

      ◆ High transmitting velocity up to 5Gbps/ 5GHz

      ◆ Low torque, low electrical noise

      ◆ High protection level

      ◆ No maintenance with advanced fiber brush

      ◆ Long service life

      ◆ Cost-effective

EquipmentPart NumberPerformanceSpecs
CircuitsWorking Speed
Speed Dome CameraLPC-0602-10S-E31* Gigabit Ethernet,6*2A,10*Signal0~250 rpmslip  ring
Pipeline Inspection CameraLPC-06A6*2A0~300 rpmslip  ring
Surveillance CameraLPC-1C240224*2A,1*HF0~50 rpmslip  ring
CameraLPC-24A-0201-HD012*2A,1*HDMI0~300 rpmslip  ring
CCTVLPM-12U12*2A0~300 rpmslip  ring
Defense Surveillance SystemLPT012B-0203-01FO2*3A+1* Fiber0~2000 rpmslip  ring

Video monitoring slip ring