Offshore Equipment

A Professional Supplier of Explosion-proof Slip Rings For Dust Processing Machinery

Explosion proof slip ring is a relatively special kind of slip ring. In addition to the common equipment in petrochemical exploration, mining and processing industry, there will also be explosion-p...

JINPAT Electronics Continues to Exert Force in The Field of High Current Slip Ring

As one of the main products of JINPAT Electronics, LPA high current series is the only slip ring without standard products. These products have very distinctive characteristics, such as overhead st...

JINPAT Slip Ring Solutions for Port Infrastructure

JINPAT Electronics is well qualified to provide slip rings with specific purposes to serve the port infrastructure.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Offshore Equipment

Offshore equipment are essential parts of the whole offshore construction systems. Offshore winches and cranes are key players among them. There is great demand in transmitting signals and power be...

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