Electro - Optical Pod

Design and Application of Slip Ring in Rotary Canning Machine System

Design and Application of Slip Ring in Rotary Canning Machine SystemOne of the significant advantages of capping machines for automatic, semi-automatic and manual capping equipment is the consisten...

Bottling production equipment slip ring

Bottling production equipment slip ringAs the name suggests, the bottle making machine is the equipment for manufacturing various glass bottles and cans. At present, all kinds of equipment produced...

China’s Leading Technology in Emergency Communication Assistance

To allow 360-degree rotation of the electro-optical pod on the UAV while transmitting data, a slip ring is essential.

JINPAT Electronics Latest Hybrid Slip Ring Model

Recently, JINPAT has developed a hybrid slip ring with multiple channels that can transmit power, signal and gas.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Medical Facilities

Today we will briefly explore some slip rings that serve in the system on medical facilities and equipment.

JINPAT High Speed Dome Slip Rings

JINPAT slip rings for high speed dome cameras.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Electro-optical Pod

An electro-optical pod is an important part of the electro-optical targeting system used in UAVs, especially military UAVs and aircrafts. To enable its detecting function, the sensor on the electro...

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