• 1.What is a slip ring?

    A slip ring is the electrical component responsible for communicating and transmitting power and signals to the rotating equipment. The slip ring is mainly composed of two parts: rotor and stator. The rotor is the rotating part which connects the rotating structure of the equipment and rotates with it. The stator is the stationary part which connects the energy of the fixed structure of the equipment.

  • 2.How to choose the right conductive slip ring?

    The conductive slip ring is a precision part to the rotating system. You need to confirm several parameters before selecting the conductive slip ring. For example: current voltage, slip ring speed, signal type, working environment, etc. You can fill the form on our website. Our engineers will assist you to select the right conductive slip ring.

  • 3.How to customize a conductive slip ring?

    Non-standard custom slip rings, we need to know specific electrical, mechanical, and any other special requirements. The more detailed the parameters you provide, the higher possibility the slip ring will match your product. If you need to customize the slip ring, you can contact us online on our website, call 0755-8204 2235, or Email sales@slipring.cn

  • 4.How to ensure the quality and performance of the conductive slip ring?

    ◆Technical experts participate in product design to provide customers with optimal solutions. ◆Customized products according to customer requirements, to ensure that each customer has different requirements. ◆ Design, simulation, manufacturing, testing, the whole process is controllable. ◆ Fine management, control product cost, and provide value-added services to customers. ◆ Efficient development and design, reducing manufacturing and logistics cycles, and shortening delivery time. ◆ Maintain communication with customers and continually improve to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers.

  • 5.Do you have slip rings in stock?

    Capsule slip rings, miniature slip rings and super miniature capsule slip rings, we are stock for standard models. Some other standard products, such as the through-hole series, we have spare parts instead of finished products. Once the customer places an order, we can assemble and complete the production in 3-7 days. For non-standard models, if we design a slip ring for your company, all design materials, materials, and process parameters will be saved for faster delivery next time.

  • 6.How long is the delivery time of the non-standard custom slip ring?

    In general, the delivery period is 3-4 weeks. The delivery time of the custom slip ring depends on the complexity of the design and production, some certain products might be longer than that period, while some others might be shorter. Repeated customized products, delivery time is only 1-2 weeks.

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