Instructions for the Slip Ring with No Flang



  • The slip ring is designed to be mounted in the fixing part for the stator with no flange.

  • The fixing part for the rotor should be connected well to guarantee a concentric drive of the slip ring. If the rotor lead wires are used as the drive by customers, it should be evaluated according to the usage of the product.

  • The slip ring cannot bear the weight of its connected equipment, of which the rotary parts should be fixed tightly to avoid its weight from being added to the rotor part of the slip ring.

  • The slip ring should be protected from dust and moist. If it is used outdoors, a protection cover should be considered. (Custom slip rings are not included)

  • Protect all wire skins from being damaged during the rotation of the equipment. The end of all wires should not bear weight, withstand force, or be pulled in wires arrangement.

  • Do not damage the outer skin of wires’other parts during the operation of wire stripping.

  • Do not try to take apart the internal parts of the product. If any problem is found in internal parts, please return it back.

Attachment: Installation & Operating Instructions for the Slip Ring with No Flang

Installation & Operating Instructions for the Slip Ring with No Flange.pdf

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