Amazing Slip Ring That Really Exist in the Electro-Optical Pod


When the electro-optical pod is working, it needs to continuously search and track the target through non-stop rotation. In this process, the signal and current transmission can not be interrupted. As important units to solve the problem of unlimitedly transmiting current and signal in 360° rotation, the slip rings come in handy. JINPAT Electronics is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of slip rings. It entered the slip ring industry in 1996, and passed the GJB9001 military quality system certification in 2010. JINPAT Electronics has strong independent research and development capabilities.


For the special application of electro-optical pod, JINPAT Electronics has developed a series of dedicated military slip rings.

JINPAT electro-optical pod slip ring integrates servo motor power signal, control signal, gyroscope signal, RS422/RS485 serial port signal, Gigabit Ethernet signal, cameralink and HD-SDI signal. 

JINPAT electro-optical pod slip ring employs light and high strength corrosion-resistant metal material, making the slip ring suitable for high cold environment (-55 ° C ~ +70 ° C, altitude above 21,336 meters). 

In view of the electro-optical pod’s development trend: Miniaturization and Light Weight, JINPAT Electronics has successfully developed an 80 circuits’ slip ring. Its outer diameter is only 17.4mm and its length is only 50.8mm, fully meeting the demanding size requirements of electro-optical pod. 

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