The Main Function Of JINPAT hydraulic slip ring

driving the sliding axle to drive the clamping claw, thus realizing the radial loosening and clamping of the chuck. and ensure that the energy loss is as small as possible during the transfer process. Because of its structural characteristics, it can also carry a certain axial force. The JINPAT hydraulic slip ring itself is also a self balancing element.

It consists mainly of 4 parts 1a, 1b, 2a and 2b. Parts 1a and 1b and parts 2a and 2b are respectively connected with a screw pair. The pairing piece $number (1AB) is tightly matched with a 5 and fixed shell 7. The pressure oil, which is introduced from the Shell 7, is connected with the Groove 13 on the $number (2AB) and the sealing plane, and the pressure oil is transported through the pipeline on 1a to the Hollow Channel 10 of the rotary shaft 9. Slots 6, 8 and 11 are on the same plane, and their gap value H is set by the washer $number. The pressure oil between the gap 6 and 8, and the pressure oil in the oil tank 13, respectively, establish the pressure plane and pressure zone, thus constituting the hydrostatic regulating mechanism. Pressure oil is continued to be transported through the center of the rotary shaft to the need for hydraulic energy. The automatic adjustment of the gap value is realized by the Half-bridge Loop composed of the 2 variable throttle.

(1) When used alone, the pressure oil from the hydraulic power chuck Shell (fixed) into the rotating oil cylinder, so that the piston under the action of pressure oil to overcome the spring force and resistance to the right movement, driving wedge-driven card claw loose start pieces. Return, you can remove the role of pressure oil, depending on the spring reset action, drive the sliding shaft drive card claw radial clamping workpiece.

(2) When combined, the two slip rings are used together. When the left cavity of the rotary oil cylinder enters the oil and the right cavity is out of the oil, the piston rod moves to the right, driving the wedge-driven claw loose start piece. When the right cavity of the rotary oil cylinder enters the oil and the left cavity is out of oil, the piston rod moves to the left, driving the sliding shaft to drive the clamping piece of the claw.

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