Slip Rings for Robotics from JINPAT

Robots are at the heart of modern production lines in almost all industrial sectors. They take on complex tasks and can be used efficiently and flexibly. JINPAT slip rings are available for the robotics industry. Our robot slip rings are designed to transmit power and data from a single driver and connect sensors in all parts of the robot arm. Fast rotation speed, maintenance-free design, high temperature resistance, compact size and extremely compact dimensions characterize.


We use the best advanced fiber brush technology and precious metal or gold-to-gold multi-contacting. The robot slip rings can achieve 360° rotary drive and integrate pneumatic hydraulic rotary joints to meet more challenging needs, modular design and flexible adaptation to different machine types.


Key Robots Applications for Slip Rings


●Cleanroom Robots

●Palletizing Robots

●Inspection Robots

●Agricultural Robots

●Military/Defense Robots

●Industrial Articulated Robots

●Medical and Surgical Robots

●Life Sciences Research Robots

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