Slip Rings for Pedestrian Flow Control System

Pedestrian flow control system is a structural system for monitoring and controlling indoors or designated areas. It is an entrance and exit system that is often used in large restaurants, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, merchant halls, hotels, office buildings, large buildings, etc.

Detailed description of application

Description of problem:

Pedestrian flow control system can be used to check the individual's access authorization or admission ticket, and can also be divided into channels in the crowd. Pedestrian flow control systems primarily include turnstiles, revolving doors and locking mechanisms that are often used in conjunction with access control systems. When the electrical unlocking signal is obtained, they rotate one turn or one grid, allowing one person to pass only and then lock again. Pedestrian flow control systems are often used outdoors or in densely populated areas, and sometimes have to withstand harsh temperature and weather conditions and operate at high flow loads. In addition, such access systems must also be subject to mandatory monitoring to avoid danger when passing.

Solution to the problem:

  • Pedestrian flow control systems are typically customized on our existing pancake slip rings (LPK/LPKS series). The LPK/LPKS series slip rings are specifically designed for rotating systems with a height restriction in the vertical direction

  • Adopt new fiber brush technology to ensure low friction and low contact resistance

  • The minimum thickness is only 5mm

  • Different sizes and structures according to customer needs

If necessary, please contact us to customize for you!

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