Slip Rings for Mining & Drilling Equipment

As miners continue to drill deeper into the world and exploit the minerals that the world depends on, they need safe and reliable equipment designed to cope with demanding operating conditions. From the first shovel to the last inch of coal seams, JINPAT is committed to meeting customers' slip ring requirements for every downhole application and environment. We have a wide range of products, including rigs, scrapers and trucks for hard rock mining applications, custom systems for longwall mining, and slip ring solutions for precision design for room and column mining operations.

For the performance requirements of high-current slip rings and the characteristics of certain industry products, the inter-ring structure is designed to be a special empty frame type, which is easy to maintain and facilitates heat dissipation. Imported imported graphite alloy is used as contact material, with large current capacity, less dust, current up to 2000A per ring, long life, maintenance-free, no lubrication, stable and reliable operation, and capable of 360° continuous rotation to transmit power or data signals. Unique structural design and high-quality contact materials, working speed, housing material, operating temperature and protection level can be customized.

This series of products are mostly used in lifting equipment, rotary workbench, marine machinery, engineering machinery, cable reels and military applications.

Slip Rings for Mining & Drilling Equipment

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