Slip Rings for CCTV Carema

Slip rings are needed for monitoring cameras to rotate 360 degrees or to solve winding problems in rotation. As the core component of the whole equipment, the slip ring plays a vital role in data transmission in the implementation of monitoring work.

Traditional cameras, as the name suggests, need to transmit video. Video signal terms are commonly used in standard definition, high definition, full HD, PAL, etc., and most of the current use is high-definition, full HD, PAL, and as a conductive slip ring that solves the winding problem in rotation and has a transmission capability, it has a function of transmitting multi-signals.

With the update of all aspects of audio and video surveillance, security robot equipped with 360 ° panoramic HD infrared integrated night vision PTZ camera and built-in standard defination camera in autos, can stabilize the video surveillance screen in a variety of complex environments during the day and night, while carrying the sound pickup to collect the scene in real time Sound, and provide real and accurate on-site real-time situation for the security backstage.

 Now the intelligent security robot is doing nothing but monitoring, and intelligent monitoring is superior to the traditional monitoring, AI has intelligent functions such as face recognition, voice recognition and odor recognition.

 With the most commonly used facial recognition, the current monitoring is not only to "see" someone, but also to "know" this person, record his data and behavior in the cloud, and feedback backstage. Monitoring--Security--AI artificial intelligence is a comprehensive innovation of human information technology.

 JINPAT slip rings has many years of R&D and production experience in the security monitoring industry, and has set up its independent studio for AI artificial intelligence to cope with the outbreak of AI technology in the 5G era.

Slip Rings for CCTV Carema

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