Slip Rings for 3D Scanner

The 3D scanner, also known as real-life copying technology, breaks through the traditional single-point measurement method and has the unique advantages of high efficiency and high precision. The working principle is to draw a three-dimensional coordinate based on the distance of the laser to detect the object, and draw a complex three-dimensional model. As a scientific testing instrument for scanning and analyzing the shape, structure and the like of a three-dimensional structure object, the detected data can be used for the reconstruction of the object, and plays a major role in the field of level measurement in various industries around the world.

A 3D scanner developed by a famous German company, which has a full-color panoramic image covering the high-precision point cloud to capture the surrounding world. This scanner uses our high life miniature slip ring. Jingpat slip ring helps it become the smallest and lightest 3D scanner in its class.

The slip ring also has sensitive contacts, low friction, stable signal transmission, working life of more than 100 million rpm, stable performance, and ensures concentricity and straightness of the bearing position.

 It is so superior that it can help the 3D scanner market.

Slip Rings for 3D Scanner

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