Slip Ring in Wind Turbine

Slip ring is a key component of the whole wind turbine system, which bears the power of the whole system, control signal and data transmission. The performance of a wind power system with be affected directly by its precision, reliability and working lifetime. The whole turbine system will need three slip rings, which are applied to the pitch system, generator and lightning conductor respectively.


In response to the special application requirements of wind turbine system and the actual turbine working environment in China, Jinpat has taken a lot of case studies and field tests to take into account the various problems that wind turbine slip rings need to solve, concluded different solutions to meet the need of specific applications on wind turbines. 

To solve various problems in the slip ring of small and medium-sized turbine systems, the solution ranges from compact capsule slip rings to multi-channel high-current hollow shaft slip rings to fiber optic slip rings and optic-electric hybrid slip rings.



The LPW series of special slip rings for wind power generation is developed and manufactured for large-scale wind power equipment. It is suitable for wind power generation equipment with power of 0.75-5.0MW and high IP grade. 

In view of the problem of slip rings affected by oil leakage of gearbox in domestic China, a sealing device is mounted at the rotor joint to prevent oil from entering, and not too much increase the rotating torque. 

The weather has changed abnormally in recent years, in order to prevent bad weather and prolonged high (low) temperature, heat dissipation devices and low temperature automatic heating devices have been mounted to ensure the reliability of products.

  • The key main materials are imported, advanced production equipment and detection systems are built for the test of various performances of wind power slip rings.

  • JINPAT wind power slip rings has good low temperature resistance, high humidity, sand resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and vibration resistance.

  • Stable performance without maintenance requirement, service life up to 20 years or hundreds of millions of revolutions.

  • Customizable, cable length, connection method, encoder type, low voltage + data transmission, high voltage current, etc.

Slip Ring in Wind Turbine

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