Port Machinery Slip Ring

From the selection of raw materials to the final design, JINPAT spares no effort in perfecting the slip ring. JINPAT slip ring demonstrates excellent low temperature endurance, high humidity resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and vibration resistance. It is stable in performance and maintenance-free. JINPAT slip ring can function perfectly even in highly humid environment and endure high and low temperature. It can simultaneously transmit 2000A and various signals, such as analog/digital signals, angle sensor signals, and corresponding telephone line signals. JINPAT carbon brush slip ring has a large current capacity. To facilitate heat dissipation, JINPAT adopt the hollow structure. The marine equipment can withstand the fluctuations of horizontal shaking, vertical shaking or vertical vibration during operation. It is suitable for frequent offshore operations of high-strength equipment.


Recently, JINPAT designed carbon brush slip ring with integrated 4-channel optical fiber rotary joint. It has an excellent performance in scientific research ships and cable winches, the typical features are as below:

1.voltage 4000V.

2.20 million revolutions. It can work normally for many years without replacement.

3.Regular cleaning and maintenance.



It is also applied in marine surveillance ship, air defense radar, shore-based testing platform, cannonball launcher, underwater robot, marine propeller system and ship crane.

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